Installation Services


The technicians at Cingl Telecom know what it takes to get you connected, whether it be one office or across multiple locations. In doing so, we ensure everything is done first-class. You won’t find cables hanging from the ceiling or exposed along the baseboards of your office. All designs and installations are based upon IEEE network and TIA/EIA standards for cable installations. Everything is labeled and documented.



Some of our installation services include:


  • Cabling -- Connect business units to outside cable lines while running new lines where necessary. Cingl technicians do all necessary configurations and make sure cables are protected and neatly hidden from view.



  • MAC (Moves, Adds, Changes) -- There are no cookie-cutter solutions with Cingl Telecom. We realize every job is vastly different from the next, and some may require changes throughout the process. We handle all necessary moves, adds and changes during installations to ensure quality. Call us today to see how we can help ensure your new system is everything you need it to be.

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